FACSDiVa for sale in U.K.

geoff morgan (BI) geoff.morgan at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Jan 4 11:02:22 EST 2007

FACSVantage DiVa for sale, in the U.K. (full working order, has been maintained by BD on full service contract), buyer to dismantle and remove, offers should be sent in a sealed envelope by the end of January 2007 to

Dr. Caroline Edmunds (FACSDiVa sale)
Babraham Institute
CB22 3AT

(Further information about system from	geoff.morgan at bbsrc.ac.uk )

Vantage SE  - Dec 1998		     DiVa upgrade - May 2002
Lasers-   Coherent Innova 304C U/V (160mW U/V) Tube hours- 943	Head Hours - 943  - DEC 1998
	      Coherent Innova 305C  488 (new tube-May05) Tube hours - 701  Head Hours- 7822 - DEC 1998
	      Spectra Physics HeNe  127, 35mW -  2002
	       488- FITC, PE,PE-CY5, PE-CY7, SSC
	       HeNe- APC, APC-CY7
	       U/V -Indo1-Blue, Indo1-Violet, (Hoechst dyes)
	      (plus extra filters for YFP, PE-CY5.5 etc)
Compressor - Jun Air , Vac + Compressor
Computers - Mac G3 + HP x4000, two 18" Flat Screens
Clonecyt- single cell deposition into 96 well plates

Nes Lab temperature control system (for cooling collection tubes and sample).

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