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Thanks very much to all of you that replied to my question.  There were
so many responses that I decided to send a summary instead of replying
to each individual.

The consensus is that it is normal for a Mac running OS9 controlling a
BD FACS Calibur to not reconnect to the instrument after a reboot of the
Mac.  There were three work-arounds offered to address the problem.

1) Leave the Mac booted all day.
2) Force a disconnect within Cellquest before quitting the program and
3) Upgrade to OSX and Cellquest 5.2 to eliminate handshaking issues.

Many people asked why we were rebooting after acquiring data.  The
applet that we use to track user time for billing purposes requires the
Mac to be rebooted after each experiment.  The applet was written in
1991 by another department on campus and we have been using it on our
FACScans for 12 years.	Our FACScans do not require the instrument to be
shutdown in order for the Mac to reconnect after reboot.  This is what
threw me off course as I assumed incorrectly that FACScan and Calibur
systems would act similarly.  Our Calibur is at a satellite lab and has
not had much use so back to back experiments requiring a reboot rarely
occurred until now.  I will either use one of the three work-arounds or
one of the other login tracking programs to solve this problem.

Thanks again for your replies and to Paul Robinson and the crew at
Purdue for this great resource.


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Subject: problem with 733MHz Mac equipped Calibur

We have a FACS Calibur controlled by a 733MHz G4 Mac.  Once data is
collected and the Mac is rebooted, the Mac will not reconnect with the
instrument.  The only way to establish communication between the Calibur
and Mac is to power them both down and bring them back up from a cold
start.	I am trying to determine whether this is normal for Caliburs
equipped with a 733MHz Mac.  I have conflicting information from BD and
other labs on our campus that use Caliburs.  The Mac is running OS 9.2,
Cellquest 3.3, and BD Inits 3.4.2.  

Thank you for any helpful information. 

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