problem with 733MHz Mac equipped Calibur

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Hi there Justin,
Our FacsCalibur acts the same way. We are running the same software profile as you do.
Luckily it seems to have no adverse effects on the lasers, since they get shut off and re-started without a cool down. We still have our original 488 laser after 4 years (and running 7 hrs a day). Our HeNe was replaced once.
Otherwise, that's just the way they act. They CPU rarely crashes, so it's not a big annoyance.
I don't understand what you mean when you say you re-boot after data acquisition. Do you have to re-start after aquisition?
quote: Once data is collected and the Mac is rebooted,
If you are constantly rebooting your Mac, you could have an OS software problem. 
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We have a FACS Calibur controlled by a 733MHz G4 Mac.  Once data is collected and the Mac is rebooted, the Mac will not reconnect with the instrument.  The only way to establish communication between the Calibur and Mac is to power them both down and bring them back up from a cold start.	I am trying to determine whether this is normal for Caliburs equipped with a 733MHz Mac.  I have conflicting information from BD and other labs on our campus that use Caliburs.  The Mac is running OS 9.2, Cellquest 3.3, and BD Inits 3.4.2.  

Thank you for any helpful information. 


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