96 well plates

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yes we (and probably many others) use 96 well plate [353911 Falcon U-bottom flexible plates].  We place the reagent mix into the well (30-150 ul) and then 30 ul of cells (1.8 million).  Our reagents are titrated to function optimally at this cell concentration.

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> We are investigating the use of 96 well plates for patient specimens. We are understaffed for our specimen load and this would reduce the amount of work per case. Our problem is that all patients have had their diagnostic biopsy elsewhere and most have also had therapy of some sort. We do minimal residual disease on just about all cases, acquiring 200,000- 750,000 events routinely. We therefore need to stain at least 1 million cells per antibody combo. Has anyone done this in 96 well plates?
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