2007 NW Regional Cytometry meeting, March 22, 23-24, in Seattle

Allan Kachelmeier kachelme at ohsu.edu
Wed Jan 3 15:31:03 EST 2007

You're invited to the 2007 Northwest Regional Cytometry Meeting

Order in cytometric complexity: quantitation, inference, and data management 

Northwest Cytometry User's Group and Cascade Cytometry User's Group are pleased to
announce the 2007 Northwest Regional Cytometry meeting, which will be held at the Fred
Hutchinson Cancer Center, March 23 - 24. 

Presentations will include

Garry Nolan, "Single cell analysis of phosphorylation: inference engines to derive
signaling map topologies from clinical samples"

Mike Loken, " Defining 'normal' in 6 dimensional space: a statistical basis for detecting
residual disease"

Frank Traganos, "Phosphorylated forms of ATM and histone H2AX provide for cytometric
detection of DNA damage"

Ger van den Engh, "Complexities in interpretting Hoechst staining of marine

John Nolan, "Sweating the small stuff: flow cytometry for the quantitative analysis of
natural and synthetic nanoparticles"

James Leary, "Finding rare 'needles' in a cytometry haystack: applications in cancer,
stem cells, drug discovery, and nanomedicine"

David Basiji, "Practical considerations of managing and analyzing large files of flow
image data"

Steve DeRosa, "Standardized and semi-automated analysis of 8 color flow cytometric data
for evaluation of vaccine-induced T cell responses"

Note also in association with the NW regional cytometry meeting, two other meetings will
be held at Fred Hutchinson on the preceding day, March 22. The Flow Informatics and
Computational Cytometry Society (FICCS; http://www.ficcs.org/) will be holding their
meeting (contact Ryan Brinkman info at ficcs.org for more information), and, as well,
FloCyte Associates will be offering a DNA and Cell Cycle Analysis course taught by Dr.
Frank Traganos (contact Sue DeMaggio at FloCyte at flocyte.com for more information and
Registration for the 2007 regional meeting is free thanks to the generous support of
vendor sponsors. If you wish to register for the meeting, send a note to
NWRCytometryM at gmail.com, and confirmation will be returned. Seating is limited, and
particularly for those planning to come some distance, early registration is advised. For
further information about the Northwest Regional Cytometry meeting, contact Julie Hill at
hilljul at gmail.com or Allan Kachelmeier at kachelme at ohsu.edu.
Julie Hill, co-organizer, NWRC meeting
Scientist, Preclinical Development
ZymoGenetics, Inc.
Seattle, WA 
Allan Kachelmeier, co-organizer, NWRC meeting
Manager, Confocal Microscopy core
Oregon Hearing Research Center

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