gamma delta T cells and lymphoma markers by flow

Mark Simmerson Mark.Simmerson at
Tue Jan 2 04:49:19 EST 2007

 Hi All
 and a happy New Year!
 First question;
Our consultant Immunologist has recently started to ask us to
investigate Alpha-Beta, Gamma-Delta T cell expression, particularly in
cases where the cause immune compromise is not clear.
Now I know that a/b and g/d expression can be seen on both CD4+ and
CD8+ T cells, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what
a/b and g/d expression actually means.
Also we have had a patient (3yrs old) who presented with
recurrent/longstanding viral infections who had the following results;
CD2+ = 96%, CD3+ = 85%, CD7+ = 93%
CD3+/CD4+ = 7%
CD3+/CD8+ = 30%
TCR a/b = 18%
TCR g/d = 69%
NK cells = 9%
Any thoughts?

Second question;
Our consultant Histopathologist is keen for us to start doing CD15 and
CD30 by flow. Has anyone had any experience with these? Good
Methods? I know a number of suppliers (eg Coulter) do make these and
I'm guessing PE would be the fluorochrome of choice, but any advice
be gratefully received!
Mark Simmerson
Flow Cytometry
Sheffield Children's Hospital

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