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Fri Dec 14 10:04:45 EST 2007

Dear Pani,

try to cool down the sheath fluid. May be some ice pads placed near by 
the nozzel will help. Install the sheath tubing between the ice pads.
We use a home made peltier element to hold the temperature of the sheath 
fluid at 17C. This will also help to keep a stable break off point.


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Pani Apostolidis wrote:
> Dear flowers,
> We have recently purchased an Aria equiped with a 20 mW blue, a 150 mW green, a 40 
> mW red red and a 60 mW UV for our new lab at the University of Delaware.
> We are having problems with laser drift and our BD service rep has recommended 
> lowering the temperature in our laboratory to 65F (that's ~ 19C, i think). Sure enough,
> the 
> temperature in the lab at the end of the day (after running the sorter for 7-8 hrs) is
> closer 
> to 80F than 70F.
> Our building engineer is trying to be helpful, but so far has not been able to come up
> with a 
> way to lower the temperature to 65F in our lab and MAINTAIN it there until the end of
the day. 
> I would like to hear if any of you have encountered similar issues in your laboratories
> or 
> core facilities and how you have dealt with them. The only solution I can come up with
is move the instrument to a small, dedicated room (sort of like a cold room, but kept at
> 65F), 
> but there are so many reasons why this is not feasible...
> Please help! I really appreciate any suggestions.
> Thanks a lot,
> Pani A. Apostolidis
> PhD Candidate
> Northwestern University - Delaware Biotechnology Institute
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