lymphocyte protein content

Katarzyna Ruckemann-Dziurdzińska kruck at
Wed Dec 12 17:39:53 EST 2007

A few weeks ago there were a few posts regarding lymphocytes volume. I
would like to ask - what is an average protein content of a million
unstimulaed human lymphocytes - it is if you precipitate them whith PCA,
TCA or similar and measure protein in the pellet (Bradford, Lowry - any
method) - how many micrograms per million cells should one get?
As I understood average lymphocyte volume is around 200 fL. How can one
measure this? Has anyone ever came across human lymphocytes that would be
bigger (or smaller)? What lymphocyte volume differences would one notice
on the FACS scatter?
I would be grateful for any comments.

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