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Fri Apr 13 09:34:24 EDT 2007

The recent thread concerning philanthropic efforts related to HIV
disease and Africa are interesting and have prompted me to convey to
this list recent developments emanating from the Clinical Cytometry
Society. In 2006, a new foundation, The Clinical Cytometry Foundation,
was formed with a mission to improve the standard of care, education and
training in clinical cytometry for the international community. To date
the CCF has raised several hundred thousand dollars and has begun
initiatives and partnerships around the world, including the Caribbean,
India, Africa, China, and South America. The concept is to develop a
global network of clinical cytometrists who can work to minimize health
disparities by working together. While each region or nation may have
different economic challenges or regulatory restrictions, the diseases
are common to all, and the need for proper diagnosis and treatment is

The AIDS pandemic in Africa is the most visible challenge, although
health disparities are by no means limited to this disease. Howard
accurately points to other infectious diseases where cytometric
diagnoses may play a significant role in improving care. Additional
health care disparities ranging from infant mortality to cancer and
heart disease are also pronounced. While efforts by Paul, Howard, and
others to develop low cost instrumentation are both crucial and
commendable, education, as Sue mentioned, will be key. CCF is providing
leadership in the area of training, education, and standardization.

I urge each of you to consider supporting the Clinical Cytometry
Foundation to help address our global concerns. Donations to this
Foundation are tax-deductible (subject to your tax situation) and
directly support our program. No donation is too small - we have a large
task ahead and need every resource we can acquire. It is incumbent on
those of us in fortunate financial situations to assist our colleagues
in more challenging situations. I hope we can count on your support. For
more information or to donate, please contact Adam Kohm at
AdamK at

J Philip McCoy, Jr., PhD
The Clinical Cytometry Society

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