IL5, intracellular staining

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You don't mention the use of a transport inhibitor. You will need to block
the secretion using a protein transport inhibitor such as Monensin or
BrefeldinA. This would be done during your stimulation. You could also
verify that your cells are permeabilized with an anti-actin fluorescent

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> Dear colleagues,
> We have some T clones that produced IL5 as it has been checked up by
> ELISA and ELISPOT. The trouble is I can't catch it by intracellular
> staining. To understand what the problem is I have done a lot of
> preliminary experiments with PBMC. It was two different anti-IL5 Abs
> (APC-rat anti mouse/human, clone TRFK5, and PE-rat anti-human, clone
> JES1-39D10, both from BD Pharmingen) and different activators (PHA, 10
> mkg/ml, PMA, 50 ng/ml) and activation time (4, 18 and 36 hours)  as well
> as different permeability agents (Saponin and TWEEN 20)  that I used but
> without any result. I have had conventional results for IFN-gamma when
> used double cytokine staining but not IL5.  I understand that it should
> be something easy but steel can't understand what it is.
> Any advices would be greatly appreciated
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