Diva 5.0 Software on Aria

Matt Wikstrom mattw at ichr.uwa.edu.au
Tue Oct 10 21:24:50 EDT 2006

We had our Aria installed September 18 with Diva 5.0.1 and have yet 
to experience the bug Mario is talking about. We've been sorting a 
variety of cell types (mouse, rat, and human Treg, DC, thymoctes) and 
the sorted cells have come out with good purity (at least 90%) and 
accuracy (we recover 70-90% of	the number the Aria has said it has 

However, I'm not clear where the bug lies, Mario. Since we're still 
getting to know our Aria, we've been using new experiments for each 
sort rather than templates. Are you saying there is a problem adding 
new gates to an exisiting template or experiment?



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