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Hi David,

I also bought canine CD45 from Serotech and CD34 from BD about an year ago.


>===== Original Message From David.C.McFarland at =====
>Good day all.	I'm having some trouble locating Abs for canine leukocytes.
> I did find a few useful ones at VMRD, but I can't seem to locate a CD3.
>Also, they have a "CD45-like" as opposed to just CD45. I've used their
>"neutrophils" ab before with great success, but I have no experience with
>others.  I've also considered just trying anti-human abs from the usual
>suspects as I know that more often than not that works for our histo
>folks. I would appreciate any info from those of you that have dog
>experience, especially insight into apparent lack of CD3 and "CD45-like"
>vs true CD45.
>David McFarland
>Principal Scientist

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