macrophage autofluorescence

Tracy Fischer-Smith tlfsmith at
Wed Jun 21 13:45:42 EDT 2006


I have significant auto-fluorescence from cultured/infected/cytokine treated
monocytes/macrophages that inhibits my ability to see anything by flow.  I
have seen some methods for quenching macrophage auto-fluorescence on the web
and was hoping that if any of you have had experience with any of these
methods you wouldn't mind to send me a quick response regarding what
method(s) you find to be most effective.  Also, would the use of a quenching
dye, such as crystal violet or trypan blue affect subsequent intracellular

Thanks in advance!

Tracy Fischer-Smith, PhD

Temple University

Dept. of Neuroscience

Center for Neurovirology

Philadelphia, PA

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