Which Cytometer for both, cells and beads?

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Thu Jun 8 12:50:02 EDT 2006

Dear Flowers,

since our FACSCALIBUR gets kind of old (we more and more have to deal with unstable flow
pressure and other things) we might invest into a new flowcytometer. It should be a small
and "noiseless" instrument that performs with good sensitivity for both, cells and

We highly appreciate any advise especially regarding flowcytometers from BD (FACS Canto),
Dako (Cyan) and Partec (CyFlow), as those are the ones we might get most likely.

As the analysis software we use FlowJo, so the Aquisition-Software of the Flowcytometer
should be compatible with FlowJo.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Have a great day all you flowers around the world! Go with the flow!



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