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Thu Jun 8 09:40:38 EDT 2006

Dear Colleagues:

Well the ISAC XXIII congress is all over bar the shouting as some would say. The congress
definitely a success and established some new and important directions for ISAC. In all,
there were 
1410 registered attendees including the exhibitors. It will be some weeks before we know
finances, but I am confident that I will be able to report a favorable position.

For those who did not attend, please check out the congress website
http:/ where you will be able to read the daily newsletters that were
prepared and 
distributed every day. For those who did attend, you can review them in retrospect.

Many of you have asked me questions about the availability of videos of some of the
We did video a number of them, including Steven Lewis' Hooke Lecture. We are working to
quality presentations that will be available to ISAC members within the "Members Only"
component of 
the web site. It will take some time to get these prepared but we will let you know when
they are ready.

I have also been asked about the special Fulwyler documentary we produced. We are
creating a special DVD distribution of this documentary but we have not yet made that

One request I would make to you all. Please consider putting together a quality
manuscript of your 
work and submitting this to "Cytometry". There were so many outstanding posters and
papers, I hope 
that you translate them to manuscripts....and send them to the Society Journal. The ISAC
and the publisher are driving a major effort to increase the readership and recognition
of the 
journal Cytometry. I hope you can do your part by submitting your best papers.

A photo gallery of the congress is being put together that will appear on the ISAC site

For those who are not involved in any ISAC committees and would like to participate,
please send me 
a personal email.

Participation in the Society activities is the only way to grow ISAC into a strong
Society where 
each member achieves value. I hope that each of you will consider what your contribution
should be 
and then do something. Remember when you ask "What is the Society doing for me?" you
should also 
asking what you are doing for the Society (ie the membership).

Kind regards

Paul Robinson
President, ISAC

J. Paul Robinson
SVM Professor of Cytomics
Professor of Immunopharmacology & Biomedical Engineering
Director, Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

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