Unintended fret

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Many years ago we saw this very same problem, using slightly different
fluorophores (PE and PE-Cy5) using antibodies to two parts of the same
surface molecule (anti-idiotype and anti-VH antibodies).  Once seen easily
corrected by putting the antibodies into channels that did not have this
potential for FRET.  At the time, we considered it a problem, never dreaming
it would become such a powerful scientific tool.

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Subject: Unintended fret

Dear all, I have some users who use the combination of APC and APCCY7 , it
seems to me that 
there's an issue of unintentional Fret occuring.As reported by the
investigators  " the staining level
is less( or barely visible) in the sample than with all the fluophores
combined" than the single colour controls.
I would assume if the epitopes are close enough this can certainly happen ,
as in "intended" fret. Has anyone
had this experience with phenotype samples ?



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