The minimum needed DNA size for cycle analyz

alireza ardjmand arardjmand at
Tue Jun 6 01:04:31 EDT 2006

  Dear Flowers
  I am working on DNA analysis of some nucleus separated from a kind of Myselum,still I
couldn't get the +ve peak. I have already done such work on another plant nucleus but
this time the nuclear size is approximately 1.0um in diameter and almost contains 0.035pg
  Is it basically possible to detect such small sized particles by Flow? if yes what is
the least amount of DNA needed for DNA staining to get the significant +ve peaks?
  I cheaked the instrument alignment, increased incubation for possible difference in DNA
stracture (Z DNA, A DNA, B DNA...), and also used PI and Ethidim Bromide dyes.
  Many thanks,

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