dapi and baclight

Derek Davies derek.davies at cancer.org.uk
Fri Jan 20 04:35:40 EST 2006

Hi Shelley,

I don't have a lot of bacteria analysis experience but if there is DAPI
staining, you should be able to see it. You would probably need to whack up
the amplification. Can you see it by fluorescence scope? DAPI is a nice blue
soothing colour perfect for calming one down on a Friday afternoon filled
with agitated users I find. Also have you checked that the timing is OK for
your violet laser? As an aside what do you do about co-incident events with
little bugs?

Good luck!

On 18/1/06 11:48 pm, "Rochelle A. Diamond" <diamond at its.caltech.edu> wrote:

> Hi flowcyt people,
> I have several clients who are attempting to use e.coli on a BD FACSAria.
> They are staining with DAPI and BAClight(green).  We see the BAClight
> beautifully but do not seem to see any DAPI staining at all.	Has anyone
> tried using the Aria with the standard 407nm violet laser and DAPI?  If
> you have it working would you please contact me.
> Thanks ever so much,
> Shelley

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