cells with gold nanoparticles

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If I remember right Bart De Grooth did originally a silver stain on
cells to shift them in light scatter. Gold shows resonant light
scattering around 530nm but no fluorescence, so I think you will just
see a change in light scatter as well. If they get internalised by the
cells you might get additional effects.

Having recently worked with the Apogee A40 you can actually go down to
60nm particles in detection for single particles using a green laser and
you get a fantastic light scatter if you shine at the colloid bottle
with a green laser. But the solutions look a bit disappointing purple or
even rust brown for bigger particles.
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Dear Fellow Flowers:

I have a client who has contacted me about sorting cells with gold 
nanoparticles in them.	I have a moflo with a 488nm, uv, and 635 
lasers on it.  Can I do this and if so, with which laser and at what 
wavelength will it fluoresce?

Just as an after thought-is this a new way to look for gold-it would 
be great to use my machine for something that might actually make me 
a little money???

As always-thanks so much in advance for the advice and support.

Janet Dow
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