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This is what i do.  I put the system on "unclog nozzle" I have a plastic transfer pipette
that has half the bulb 
cut off.  I fill the bulb with EtOH, and then let the nozzle suck up the EtOH.	This
serves to break up any 
remaining bubbles.  Especially, alternating between "unclog" and "Debubble".

I rarely find it beneficial to punch the MoFlo,  some investigators?  quite tempting some
days. :)

as to the MoFlo's reliability.	I would take a very dim view of anybody showing up to
remove my sorter and 
replacing it with anything else.  Punching comes to mind.


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From: zhao wenping
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Is it a good way to expel the air bubbles by punching the nozzle supporting stage of
MoFlo cell sorter? It is said that's the 
recommendation from DAKO company. 
Our MoFlo cell sorter does not work well, it undergoes maintenance frequently, is there
any other MoFlo sorter has the same 


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