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Sounds very much like platelet activation to me. I would try filtering
buffers, but it is possible that whatever buffer X is will cause platelet
activation, but that is only speculation since we don't know what is in it.

Craig Turner

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Good morning everybody,

I have a (potentially naive) question...

I used flow cytometry on platelets.
On the SSC/FSC graph, my platelets + PBS formed a nice
round tight cloud in the lower left corner.
Whe I incubated the platelets with the buffer X, the cloud
became pointy towards the upper right corner.
It therefore seems like my buffer X triggered an increase
in size and granularity in a subpopulation of platelets.

Could it be something else than activation?

I am not working on platelet activation at all. So I did
not stain for it. I was just wondering whether these kind
of changes on the SSC/FSC graph alone could be considered
pathognomonic for platelet activation.

If you have any book chapter or articles about this matter,
feel free to refer me to them.


Sidonie Lavergne, DVM
University of Wisconsin
School of Veterinary Medicine
2015 Linden Dr W
Madison, WI 53706


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