Macrophage shipping

Ann Kelly kellya at
Tue Aug 8 11:50:45 EDT 2006

Hello Flow-ers,
   I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to ship human or mouse primary macrophages for collaborative efforts between institutions; and what if any advice you might have for a person relatively new to flow cytometry. 
   I am currently performing multi-color flow on an LSR II for Granulocyte identification and proliferation. The professor I am working with would like to collaborate with an institution in another state. In order for this collaboration to occur, we need to be able to ship either macrophages (or whole blood ) for analysis via flow cytometry. 
   Has anyone ever tried to flow macrophages (or whole blood) samples that were a few days old? How did you ship the cells, ambient or cold temperature? Any information that other flow-ers are willing to share about their experiences shipping cell samples or on the flowing of samples that are not freshly stained, would be truly appreciated.
Thank you,
Ann Kelly
Senior Research Assistant
Oregon Health & Science University
Pulmonary & Critical Care Division

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