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I've used the Z2 channelized Beckman coulter counter for sizing salmon blood
cells (1999-2001).  Very easy to use, comes with interchangable orifices
(based on the size of your particles of interest) and you can buy isotonic
sheath fluid from them as well.  I am sure that they've upgraded since then,
but the printer outputs were of quite poor quality (very dot matrix looking)
and the channels were quite large (all relative) so small differences in
particle size (<10µm) might not be picked up.  It did the trick for us, but
it was pretty basic.  It was around 15K I think.


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we have a relatively low level basic coulter counter which is 
used by all and sundry - probably range is 15-20k - there 
are places that sell them second hand - we replaced a 30 
plus year old coulter counter recently because of our 
university requirment for removal of all mercury  - so if you 
buy second hand, you may need to take that issue into 

Kind regards
paul robinson

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> Hi all-
> suddenly flush with a few spare bucks, I'm looking for a nice 
> instrument for basic cell counts (a viability option would be nice, but 
> not 100% required).
> Other than the Guava- what are the current choices? Anyone have some 
> particular instrument they just CAN NOT do without??
> I'd also be interested in the BALLPARK price.
> Thanks!
> (If I get more than 2 replies, I post a summary)
> bunny
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