Regarding the proposed name change for the Journal: "Cytometry"

Bruce Davis davisb at
Fri Sep 9 22:31:53 EST 2005

I concur with David and wonder what the Council has been smoking......

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>>> David Chambers <davidc at> 09/08/05 6:51 PM >>>

According to a recent email from ISAC, the Council wants to change the
name of "Cytometry", citing the reason:

"to better position ISAC and our journal in the scientific community.
It is important that the scientific community recognize that the field
of cytometry has a much wider reach than simply flow cytometry".

I was under the impression that "cytometry" is a word derived from
"cyto", meaning "cell" and "metry" meaning "measurement"; quite how that
measurement is done is not implied.  When biologists study cells, by
whatever method, they make measurements on them.  What, then, is wrong
with "Cytometry"?  I must have missed something.  Where in the name
"Cytometry" is the word "flow"?  Is it one of those hidden words that
only appears at certain full moons?  :-) Or perhaps are there just too
many flow cytometry papers in the journal, in which case along with
changing the name, the Council needs to change the editorial policy as well.

ISAC's email points me to an online survey with 4 suggested alternate
names, and a "fill in your own" box.  All of the suggested names are
unwieldy, sound like any of a multitude of other journals, and - worst
of all - they all start with the word "Cell", making it sound like they
are publications of Cell Press!

"Cytometry" is an incisive name and carries considerable brand identity,
along the lines of "Cell", "Science" or "Nature".  Imagine, for
instance, that the AAAS decided to rename "Science" to "Scientific News
and Research Communications".  Nowhere near as succinct.

"Cytometry" is the best name for this Journal.	For myself, I strongly
oppose changing the name (and have filled in the online survey).  I urge
others to communicate their views to ISAC.

- David

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