PFA fixation and dead cells

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Hi Paolo

Never used them but Invitrogen/Molecular probes have a series of "LIVE/DEAD® Fixable"
dyes in different colours, address for the green variant below:

They claim on the website that the differential (50x) is maintained between "live and
dead" cells after formaldehyde fixation.

Might be worth a peek.

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>>> paolo <paolo+ at> 21/10/2005 13:41:25 >>>
Dear Fellow Flowers,

I work with HIV infected cultures and I need to determine apoptotic vs live vs dead
cells. I use an Coulter XL with a single laser (488nm) and I have to fix cells with 1%
PFA as they are loaded with HIV. If I use PI or 7AAD all cells will turn dead after
fixation. Can anyone suggest alternatives to these dyes? I already tried EMA, but perhaps
there something else out there that does not require the extra step with a light

Thanks in advance for all your help.
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