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Thu Oct 20 15:51:45 EST 2005

Good plan,  I'd love to participate in/promote/organise/watch this debate, 
in a workshop environment, and I'd turn up at ISAC 2006 especially for it. 
If I don't make it, I'll send a crate of beer for the participants.  As 
Derek Davies pointed out, it would make a good topic for a tutorial too, but 
perhaps in the aftermath :)

How does one go about organising a workshop?


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> It has been mentioned several times on this list that it is not good 
> practise to use isotype controls in background determination and spectral 
> compensation set up procedures. However, that's pretty much where the 
> issue stays and has been for quite a while now. The fact that every so 
> often someone posts a question and mentions that he or she uses isotype 
> controls in a particular set up or protocol, shows that the message 
> doesn't come across and that there's is a potential educational task (for 
> ISAC) here.
> A workshop may be useful to hash out the issue and mediate a 
> conversation/discussion where everything about the use of isotypes will be 
> explained. I suspect that the seemingly unresolveness of the issue lies 
> within the lack of good communication and that it should be relatively 
> easy to establish a clear concensus on the use of isotype controls. 
> Wouldn't this be a good idea to plan for ISAC2006 ?
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