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Tue Oct 18 16:31:27 EST 2005

Hi Bob,

Any particular reason why ISAC would want regional groups within the 
US only? We in Europe may not be able to make all your evening 
meeting but points of contact are always useful especially for those 
new in the field! As well as the UK I know that there are groups in 
Spain, Italy, Germany, France and elsewhere.

Anyway, we in London (UK) have the London Flow Club which meets 3-4 
times a year and of which I am the Secretary, contact details in sig!

Best wishes,

>There are a number of regional groups involved with Cytometry Research
>around the USA.  ISAC would like to compile a list of these groups
>around the country,  that will be posted on the ISAC  web site.
>This information will be useful for  ISAC to have contact with these
>The following information is needed:
>Name of group, geographical area, contact person, e-mail address, phone
>Below are some groups that  exists and have regular meetings.	Are thee
>Cascade Cytometry users grope Oregon --   Allan Kachlemeir
>Research Triangle Cytometry association  ( RTCA) -  North Carolina
>--Marie Iannone
>Chesapeake Cytometry Association
>GLIFCA -Julie Auger
>San Diego area
>New York area
>Washington state
>Northern California
>Please send me ( Bob Zucker,  secretary  of ISAC)  with  the information
>and I will compile it for the Web site manager,  Bartek Rajeta .thank

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