Postdoctoral Position! Fun! Excitement! ...and science...

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Thu Nov 24 04:14:19 EST 2005

Hello Flow-Community,

normally I will keep me out of such discussions, but here I a great 
oppertunity to say thanks to all, who keep that forum alive: Thank you 
for your effort and time.

As post doc, I was glad to have here a forum, to check for jobs, I´d 
know they are related to flow. It didn´t held me back from looking 
elsewhere, but there were few positions I applied to.
And now I was often asked by phd students, if I know something or 
someone, who is seeking for people interested in FACS.
So I think, we should keep it as it is and should be happy that we have 
jobs to announce from time to time and also have (young) people who are 
interested in that field.

Best regards

Dr. Steffen Schmitt
FACS und Array Core Facility
NMFZ- Johannes Gutenberg Universität
Obere Zahlbacherstr. 67
55131 Mainz

Tel.: +49 6131 39 30219
Fax: +49 6131 230506

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