cytometry cases in hematology, any database or example?

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Hi Olivier:

Try this web based journal run by Mike Borowitz at Johns Hopkins, it is very
well done and should suit your needs.



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Subject: cytometry cases in hematology, any database or example?


Hi everybody!


I am working in cytometry applied on Hematology. I would like to know if
anyone knows a website or a database where I can find cytomery cases like
immunophenotyping of bone marrow, bloos or lymphe nodes with different
antibody pannels. 

I know there is one called Flowcase, but the journal is from 2002 and there
is no update so far, it was a great idea, it is a pity that journal is over.

 Any help much, but very much appreciated, even if you have yourself
compiled data as examples of what you can find in diseases in term of
abnormal phenotyping. 


kind regards, and have a wonderfull day!


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