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Mon Nov 21 22:54:51 EST 2005

Since this original message has now generated several responses, I will copy my 
private message that I sent to the first individual who questioned our policy to 
the list

---here was my response with some modifications and additions for the general 

Our rules are well thought through. Many have complained when we allow large 
attachments to go our. Sometimes they are megabytes in size. (Note - we have not 
allowed attachments to be sent out with messages for about 3 years now - all 
attachments are hyperlinked so that your mailboxes don't get filled with large 
attachments.....and you need to remember, that our server has to send out over 
3000 messages each time, and it literally can take hours to send out a huge 
number of large files). The cytometry list is not automated. I know, there are 
many fine fully automated lists, but this is not. It runs the old fashioned way 
- personal attention. We remove spam, advertising, personal messages from people 
accidentally telling the world that they think a particular sales person is an 
idiot...., all attachments, etc etc etc... Automated systems can't do that and 
we have not gone that way ....yet.

If someone is not interested in going to a hyperlinked address they are not very 
interested in getting a job. Its not a separate forum as was stated in one 
message, it's simply posted on our Jobs web page and all you have to do is click 
a weblink - its probably easier than clicking on the file and having to open 
word!!! you dont even have to open a new program I dont understand what 
the concern is. This has been the case for over 3 years. We won't change this 
policy since its clearly a better alternative to sending out vast numbers of 
attachments. What many of you don't realize, is that we sometimes get 
attachments that are 10, 20 -50 megabytes in size....and if we sent these out, 
you would all revolt!! The solution is to not send any out but hyperlink them to 
an easily click able what could be more convenient....???

Our constant goal is to keep the list clean, spam free, as free from advertising 
as possible, and relatively small size.

Paul robinson
Purdue Cytometry List

Jochen Barths wrote:
>> [ Coordinator's Note:  We no longer send out job postings to the 
>> mailing list;     
>  ]
>> [ Instead, this posting is at 
>  ]
>> [  Please check our job listings regularly at
> ]
>> [ Steve Kelley				      
>  ]
> David Chambers
> davidc at
> wrote:
> I'm not sure that's such a good thing.    Okay, force job seekers to look
> at a bulletin board.	However, what of those who might like to know of
> these positions via the Flow mailing list and don't regularly go out of
> their way to connect to and check a separate forum?  I'm speaking of
> those who may see a job posting on the Flow mailing list and know
> someone who is right for that job.  It strikes me that the separate
> forum dilutes the target audience and hence is not such a good deal for
> the advertisers. (?zers?)
> /my $0.02
> - David
> Very good point!
> One of the great advantages of this list is the broad spectrum of topics 
> covered. We probably all find every day some messages on the list, which 
> are not directly related to our field of interest. But WE decide for 
> ourselves, if we want to read them for general interest or to skip them.
> I don't like the idea, of someone else deciding for me what I am 
> supposed to read on this list or not.
> And job postings are also useful for those, who are not actually looking 
> for a job, but want to be aware of what is going on in the field beyond 
> pure scientific exchange.
> You also would (hopefully) not stop posting local meeting announcements, 
> although they concern only a very small fraction of the list-members or 
> create specific sub-lists: Clinical, Research, Image, Flow.....
> I would be glad, if you gave it a second thought.
> Best regards
> Jochen

J. Paul Robinson
Professor of Basic Medical Science
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Director, Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories

Hansen Hall
Purdue University
Ph (765) 494 0757
Fax (765) 494 0517
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