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Tue Nov 22 06:40:55 EST 2005

Hey Guys

Please cool down a little bit (especially Jochen). I agree that David's point is worthful
to discuss, but keep in mind that it is John Paul's and Steve's (and not 'someone else'
as Jochen pointed out) enthusiasm and day to day service that keeps this list running
over years now. And I think all of us are very grateful for this job because the
discussions and comments placed here had helped so many people to solve problems in their
daily work. Normally the coordinators or webmasters of a forum are giving a certain
framework of rules for the list-members or participants and THEY have the right to alter
things if necessary in their view. This does not mean that it is not possible to discuss
about alterations. And as I know John Paul and Steve they are open for discussions but
respectful towards each other. 

Volker Eckstein

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> [ Coordinator's Note:  We no longer send out job postings to the mailing list;	 
> [ Instead, this posting is at	 
> [  Please check our job listings regularly at ]
> [ Steve Kelley									 

David Chambers

davidc at


I'm not sure that's such a good thing.	Okay, force job seekers to look
at a bulletin board.  However, what of those who might like to know of these positions
via the Flow mailing list and don't regularly go out of their way to connect to and check
a separate forum?  I'm speaking of those who may see a job posting on the Flow mailing
list and know someone who is right for that job.  It strikes me that the separate forum
dilutes the target audience and hence is not such a good deal for the advertisers.

/my $0.02

- David

Very good point!

One of the great advantages of this list is the broad spectrum of topics 
covered. We probably all find every day some messages on the list, which 
are not directly related to our field of interest. But WE decide for 
ourselves, if we want to read them for general interest or to skip them. I don't like the
idea, of someone else deciding for me what I am 
supposed to read on this list or not.

And job postings are also useful for those, who are not actually looking 
for a job, but want to be aware of what is going on in the field beyond 
pure scientific exchange.

You also would (hopefully) not stop posting local meeting announcements, 
although they concern only a very small fraction of the list-members or 
create specific sub-lists: Clinical, Research, Image, Flow.....

I would be glad, if you gave it a second thought.

Best regards


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