Job Posting on the Forum.

Houston, Jim Jim.Houston at
Tue Nov 22 10:56:05 EST 2005

I have been watching this thread.  I think the original reason for not
posting the jobs in the forum has been lost.  I certainly do not recall.
Perhaps Steve or Paul would care to re-iterate the reasoning.

For myself I would appreciate the listing to go in the Forum when it is
posted in the Jobs listings.  I do not check the listing on a regular
basis.	It would be advantages to myself to see it immediately. I am not
actively seeking a new position but if one appears that interest me I
would like the opportunity to inquire more about it.

I cannot see where posting the few jobs would interfere with the number
of forum emails I receive.  In fact the "out of office" replies are much
more a nuisance. 

As a company that supported the forum and flow in general, then it would
be an advantage to me to have my job posted on the open forum as well as
the job board.

Just a few thoughts.

Jim Houston

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