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Sat Nov 19 07:20:21 EST 2005

My 2p worth!

I have to agree with David. I have posted several job adverts on this 
list and not just for positions in my Lab but also those of 
colleagues. It has proved especially useful in cases where a 
prospective employer is after a cytometrist but doesn't know where 
else to advertise. Also, as David said, those of us on here may know 
someone who is right for a post and we wouldn't have any other way of 
knowing that such a post was available. Its a passive absorption 
rather than an active process.

I may have missed a post but I presume this is a conscious decision? 
Steve, Paul, any comments?


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>>  [ Steve Kelley ]
>I'm not sure that's such a good thing. Okay, force job seekers to look
>at a bulletin board.  However, what of those who might like to know of
>these positions via the Flow mailing list and don't regularly go out of
>their way to connect to and check a separate forum?  I'm speaking of
>those who may see a job posting on the Flow mailing list and know
>someone who is right for that job.  It strikes me that the separate
>forum dilutes the target audience and hence is not such a good deal for
>the advertisers. (?zers?)
>/my $0.02
>- David

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