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Sun Nov 20 02:51:44 EST 2005

Dear Don,

MLR by flow can be tested by staining responder cells (pre culturing) with cell division
tracking dyes, such as CFSE. Optionally, APC can also be stained with another dye, e.g.

Before running on flow cells can be stained with antibodies, depending on the number of
remaining channels on your cytometer (CFSE runs in FL1 and PKH26 in FL2) to distinguish
proliferation of subsets.

Please let me know if you are interested in details.


Vladislav Rozenkov, M.D., Ph.D.
Centre for Immune and Targeted Therapy
Division of Medicine
University of Queensland
rozenkov at

"Wigington, Don" <Don.Wigington at> wrote:

>Dear Flowers
>Here is a pretty simple question. (But I bet not a lot of simple answers.)
>Has anyone ever tried to use flow cytometry for analyzing mixed leukocyte
>reactions? I am trying to study the proliferation of responder T cells rate
>mixed with drug treated APC's. We can't use radioactivity here so I was
>going to try a colorimetric approach (cell titer 96;Promega) but the
>sensitivity is not great enough. I am a bit worried that I will not have
>enough cells for flow but I do have a BD FACSArray so I can do it in 96-well
>plates. Any info would be appreciated very much. 
>Don Wigington
>Manager, Preclinical Laboratory
>Genzyme Corporation
>1600 Aspen Commons
>Middleton WI 53562
>608-662-7866  fax 608-662-7870

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