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		    Research Triangle Cytometry Association
Meeting Announcement

"Flow Cytometric Applications for Analysis of Protein Phosphorylation and 
Cellular Signaling Events." 

Mark Kukuruga, BD Biosciences,
 Technical Applications Specialist
?Automation and Increasing Throughput in Intracellular Staining and other 
Assays for Biomarker Detection, including the use of Lyophilized Ag and Ab 

Jack Dunne, BD Biosciences

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
9 AM - 11 Noon
Duke University
Jones Building
Room 143
Durham, North Carolina

Directions from RTP:  Take Alexander Drive to the Durham Freeway ?147?. 
Head North toward downtown Durham and take the Trent/Elba exit.  Go 
straight and bear left into the Parking Garage II across from the Medical 
Center. Parking will cost $1.00/hr but no more than $6.00.

Directions from Parking Garage II:  Cross Erwin Rd. and enter Duke 
University Medical Center through the front door. Proceed straight ahead 
toward the elevators past the information booth on the right. Take a right 
at the elevators and proceed toward the Cafeteria (?The Atrium?).  Pass 
the Atrium on your right and straight in front of you will be the 
Department of Medicine Office 1101. Bear to the right and proceed down the 
causeway. Go through the double doors and past the elevators and continue 
straight into the CARL Building. Go straight through the glass door out 
onto the breezeway and take a right. Take the first door on the left and 
enter the Jones Building. Take the stairwell to your right and go down 1 
flight of stairs to the first floor. Take a right and go straight down the 
hall. You will run right into Jones 143.

Contact John Whitesides at jwhtsds at or (919) 684-4895 for more 
information about this meeting.  We gratefully acknowledge BD Biosciences 
for their support of this meeting.

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