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Fri Nov 18 09:46:51 EST 2005

Dear Flowers;
I have a postdoc in my group who wants to conjugate antibodies and he has 
asked me to post this question:
I want to conjugate antibodies (1 mg/ml) with Cy5 dye, however I am un sure as 
to the best way to concentrate the conjugated dye after separation on Sephadex 
column. In previous attempts, I have gotten about 6 ml of conjugate back from 
the sephadex column following separation from unconjugated dye...and the 
resulting solution is not stable. Does anyone have any suggestions on 
concentration procedures to get a final antibody-conjugate solution of 1 mg/mL.

Emmet McCormack

Marianne Enger
Dept of Internal Medicine
Hematology section
University of Bergen
Haukeland University Hospital
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