Postdoctoral Position! Fun! Excitement! ...and science...

David Chambers davidc at
Thu Nov 17 20:27:33 EST 2005

> [ Coordinator's Note:  We no longer send out job postings to the mailing list;  ]
> [ Instead, this posting is at ]
> [  Please check our job listings regularly at ]
> [ Steve Kelley ]

I'm not sure that's such a good thing.	Okay, force job seekers to look
at a bulletin board.  However, what of those who might like to know of
these positions via the Flow mailing list and don't regularly go out of
their way to connect to and check a separate forum?  I'm speaking of
those who may see a job posting on the Flow mailing list and know
someone who is right for that job.  It strikes me that the separate
forum dilutes the target audience and hence is not such a good deal for
the advertisers. (?zers?)

/my $0.02

- David

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