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So far, I received many mails asking to post a summary... So here it goes:



Our lab has 2 Cytopeia instruments, a sorter and an analyzer. Except for instrument upgrades, we hardly ever see the service engineer.  The instruments have been very reliable and performance has been great. Software is a different story. Although its setup is capable of multicolour sorts with full matrix compensation, it is limited to 6 histograms and no analysis. Apparently major improvements are on the way but for now we use FLoJo for analysis. 



let me add 2 cents which are not directly related to your question.


There are quite well founded rumors around, that Beckman Coulter is 

negotiating a "merger" with Cytopeia. So any reports about past 

experiences with service for the Influx might become obsolete some not 

so distant day.


So, to be on the safe side, you should check about the BC service as 

well, because it might move to their level of performance. For the 

better or the worse? I don't know. We are quite happy with BC service, 

but we are far away from your region and we have no information 

concerning Cytopeia.


That such mergers play an important role can be concluded for example 

from Jeanene Pihkala's post on November 9th on this list.


Good luck in you decision process and best regards


That's all I've got so far.

Thank you to the people who answered.


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