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Tue Nov 15 18:23:18 EST 2005

Hello All,


I'm trying to see if anybody has used these new LIVE/DEAD Fixable Dead
cells stain kits from Molecular Probes.  They are available in green,
red, blue, and violet fluorescent dyes.  My question is in regards to
the staining methods.  I'd like to use these kits for a viability
marker, but I'd also like to stain with some other surface stains like
CD3, CD4, and CD8.  The tech at Molecular probes wasn't sure as to what
staining should come first...the surface staining or the viability


The problem is that the viability marker will stain to all
if I surface stain first, the dye will bind to the protein on the
antibody.  If I stain for the LIVE/DEAD first, will the dye that's now
attached to the cell interfere with the surface staining?  Optimally,
I'd like to try to stain the LIVE/DEAD and the surface markers
simultaneously, but I'm not sure if this is feasible.  Please let me
know if anyone out there has had any experience with these new kits.




Tina Powell

University of CO HSC

Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

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