Day to day variability. Zucker.Robert at
Mon Nov 14 17:06:00 EST 2005

Enid and other flow cytometry users.

I believe daily measurements  should be made using alignment beads in
linear. Preliminary  data suggest the larger beads are superior than
smaller beads. However all beads larger than 2.5u can be used  under
proper handling conditions.  I also believe that sensitivity
measurements should be made daily to insure the machine is clean and not
contaminated. This is my opinion and not that of the ISAC organization.

ISAC is currently in the process of discussing and releasing guidelines
for maintaining, aligning and calibrating flow cytometer. This topic
will be discussed in detail at a workshop on flow cytometry standards in
ISAC 2006 (Quebec City May 20-24) .  Naturally,  ISAC does not support
or endorse any of the  companies products,  but only an approach that
should be used to QA a flow cytometer.

Best wishes
Bob Zucker
Secretary of  ISAC 2004-2008

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