PC to MAC files

Ray Lannigan rlannigan at cytekdev.com
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	    I believe it is the resource fork portion of the data file which
has changed which now makes these files unreadable on the MAC. The operating
system no longer knows what type of file this is, or what application
created it. This can also happen when trying to e-mail an FCS data file
which has not been compressed. The good news is the data should still be

To restore the file type and creator codes to the resource fork you can use
a piece of software called ResEdit. The two codes which you will need to
restore are “BDLM” for file type, and “BDLY” for creator. These four letter
codes are case sensitive and need to be in CAPS. If you don’t have ResEdit,
I can e-mail a copy to you, or you can e-mail me a copy of one of the
screwed up data files, and I’ll give it a go. Either way, make sure you use
ResEdit on a copy of a file, because it’s easy to mess things up.



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From: Andrew Johnston [mailto:andrewj at landspitali.is] 
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Subject: PC to MAC files


Dear Flow'ers,

We recently had a hard disk on a FACScalibur crash. Fortunately we have been
able to retrieve the data on the disk using a 3rd party company, but the FCS
files now have PC icons and cannot be opened on Cell Quest pro. Does anyone
know of a utility that can change these files (or just the file attributes)
back to mac format? 

Many thanks,


Andrew Johnston, PhD.
Research Fellow,
Department of Immunology,
National University Hospital,

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