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At 6:02 PM +0100 11/10/05, Domenico Marzulli wrote:
>I want to determine oxidative stress in HIV positive lymphocytes or 
>mtDNA mitochondria damage.
>does anyone have a good assay they'd like to recommend?

Well, to take your questions in reverse order:

1) Do you want to assess oxidative damage to mtDNA, or loss of 
mitochondrial membrane potential? I am not aware (but would be 
delighted to learn) of any flow-based methods to assess mtDNA. There 
are a number of different agents which can allow assessments of 
mitochondrial membrane potential in flow. The most popular choice 
appears to be JC-1, but personally prefer TMRE as it only uses one 
channel, allowing more flexibility with any cell surface staining.

2) Oxidative stress: do you mean direct measurement of ROS? In this 
area, I have been disappointed with the available agents, at least in 
my experimental system. As above, I'm very eager to hear of any 
different experiences.

Hope that helps...			-J
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