8 day old embryonic cells

Joan Kalnitsky jkalnits at vt.edu
Thu Nov 10 13:41:38 EST 2005

	 I have a client who would like to use Flow to determine apoptosis 
in her embryonic cells.  Her window of experimental time is day 8 and day 
9.  Her experience is that something as gentle as PBS lyses her cells 
almost immediately.  She is also concerned that multiple washings for a 
staining protocol would destroy any cell population she might be able to 
	 My questions are 1) does any one have a method for dissociating 
embryonic cells for use in flow cytometry, and 2) does anyone have a 
suggestion for which "assay for apoptosis" would be best suited for these 
	 As always, Thanks in advance for any and all offerings of assistance.
	 Joan K.

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