Apoptosis on GFP+ cells with a FACScan

s_zompi s_zompi at niob.knaw.nl
Fri Nov 11 07:53:14 EST 2005

Dear flowers,
We would like to detect apoptic cells among GFP positive cells. We have 
only a FACScan available so no UV laser. What combination would you 
recommend for AnnexinV/dead cells staining among all the AnnexinV 
conjugates available through molecular probe? Should we use 7ADD rather 
than PI? What about SYTOX Green? Should we do first an exclusion gate on 
dead cells and then plot on GFP positive cells vs AnnexinV? Or the other 
way around gate first on GFP positive cells and then plot on AnnexinV/dead 
Thank you for your help,

Simona ZOMPI
Hubrecht Laboratory
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3584 CT Utrecht
The Netherlands
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