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Jeanene Pihkala jpihkala at
Wed Nov 9 16:47:33 EST 2005

Hello all, 

We have a MoFlo Sorter and we have for the past few years been
contracting for the Parts Only (+1PMI) service contract. We have just
been informed by Dako ~1 month before our contract must be renewed that
the Parts Only option is not going to be an option at the end of our
current contract, they will only be offering the full service contract.
We would like to know from those of you who do not pay for the service
contract, what other options have you found for servicing a MoFlo? If
you pay as you go how has that worked out?  

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions,  Jeanene 

Jeanene Pihkala
Manager, Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics
Medical College of Georgia
1120 15th Street, CA2022
Augusta, GA  30912-2600

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