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you can measure platelet activation by their binding to monocytes which
is a marker for heart risk, but cell cell aggregation should not be
confused with platelet activation as it can occur independently
particularly when washing and centrifugation steps are part of the
sample preparation. You can measure that separately by a range of
surface markers shown on the platelet, but you have to be aware of the
problems of sampling and sample storage to prevent the platelets going
When measuring platelet - leukocyte aggregation one has to distinguish
true binding events from coincident events. In case of heart risk the
binding to the monocots should be specific, e.g be higher in percentage
than for the other cells, easies seen in a log side scatter versus the
respective CD markers. Not having researched the field in detail but
looked ad adhesion molecules some time ago I would just want to make
people aware that adhesion molecule expression is a question of
anticoagulant and time and temperature, and so should be cell adhesion.
There are a lot of confusing articles out about the phenomenon of cell
to platelet aggregation that lack systematic controls. 

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	I would like to know is anyone out there has a procedure to
measusare platelet activation using leukocyte aggregates?  I also have
seen that the measurement 
	of leukocyte aggregates is usually done for invivo studies, is
this also an appropriate measurement for invitro work?	Thanks, any
comments would be 
	appreciated.  Jim Kurtz

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