Which fluorochromes are suggestible for 6-color analysis on Partec Cyflow space ?

Pál Jáksó pal.jakso at aok.pte.hu
Tue Nov 8 09:02:35 EST 2005

Dear Flowers,

We've got a new Partec CyFlow space flow cytometer and we would like  
to make 6-color measurements hematological samples.
The basic setup of the instrument:
488 nm laser:
FL1: FITC	Filter	520/DF40
FL2: PE 	Filter	590/50
FL3: PE-Cy5	Filter 682/22
FL4: PE-Cy5.5 Filter 710/20
FL5: PE-Cy7 Filter 748/LP

633 nm laser:
FL6: APC	Filter 675/20

I have practice only in 3-color analysis  (FITC+PE+PE-Cy5 on a	
FACSort) and I'd appreciate any advice for the proper 6-color  
fluorochomre setup for this filter combination.
I'm thinking of PE-Alexa Fluor700 instead of PE-Cy5.5.

Best regards,

Pal Jakso

University of Pecs
Faculty of Medicine
Dept. of Pathology
12. Szigeti str.
H-7643 Pecs, HUNGARY

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