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mhejazi mhejazi at sina.tums.ac.ir
Tue Nov 8 05:04:58 EST 2005


I have a question about the mixture of ICG with 22.5% Albumin. We are  
working on the flourescence optical imaging  and we are on  first step. We 
have prepared a setup which is consists of diode laser with 802 nm 
wavelength. We would like to fill a plastic tube (3mm diameter ) with ICG 
and use as a phantom. I would be very grateful, if you answer to the 
following questions:
1-We bought 100mg ICG ,Please tell us  amount of ICG and Albumin that we 
should use to obtain sufficient fluorescence at surface of the phantom.
2-Please introduce us the variables that are influenced on our preparation.

Best Regards
Marjaneh Hejazi
Assistant professor of Medical Physics department

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

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