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Kristie and Robin,

For once I can say that we in the UK appear to 
have a bit better service. This may be because we 
have fewer Arias, LSRIIs and Cantos here but I 
can say that calls to the service dept are dealt 
with pretty swiftly and I nearly always get a 
reply back from Tech Service or a FSE within a 
working day. These machines are very different 
from the previous generation and there will 
inevitably be a bit of lag while engineers etc 
get to grips. We do benefit from being a smaller 
user base and the fact that we only have one time 
zone may help....


>I don't think what you are experiencing is 
>limited to the Aria.  The poor tech support for 
>LSRII and Aria (and I assume Canto) 
>occurs because of several issues.  I think with 
>so many new instruments the volume of calls must 
>be higher.  Rarely does a live tech support 
>person answer the phone anymore,  the call 
>almost always gets bumped to Dispatch.  Then 
>when you finally get a callback from tech 
>support (hours sometimes) they are 
>not knowledgeable on these newer 
>instruments (unlike the Calibur).  Therefore 
>they are incapable of troubleshooting at all and 
>the call must be dispatched to the field service 
>engineer anyway.  This has wasted precious hours 
>and many times I have missed them getting a 
>dispatch to the FSE that same day.  This is made 
>worse if you are on the East Coast where there 
>are very few people in the phone room from 
>9am-12pm EST, and they don't bother calling back 
>after 5pm EST, or wait until you have safely 
>gone home at 7pm EST to leave a callback 
>message.  This means you must call them back in 
>the morning and start all over again with 
>Dispatch.  Thankfully the instruments and 
>software are much better and I don't need to 
>call as often.
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>Dear flow community,
>For those of you with a FACSAria—do you feel 
>that you get the same quality of service with 
>the Aria that you do with your other BD 
>instruments?  I’m assuming that Aria users all 
>have a service contract, given its difficult 
>beginning.  Am I mistaken?  I realize that BD 
>has been working to create fixes for the 
>specific instrument problems and after a few 
>updates, I’m not having nearly as many problems 
>as I did early on.  This message is not really 
>to gripe about the instrument itself, but to 
>find out how others feel about the support for 
>it.  Do you find the tech support to be helpful? 
>Are your problems resolved in a timely manner? 
>Do you ever feel that you’ve been completely 
>forgotten and find yourself calling tech support 
>multiple times to get a problem solved?  Has the 
>person that “will be calling you ASAP” ever 
>actually called you? 
>The service contract for the Aria is somewhere 
>in the range of twice that for the Calibur, as 
>I’m sure it should be due to the differences in 
>cost and complexity.  However, I often feel that 
>I get much better service in the rare event that 
>I have a problem with the Calibur.  Is this an 
>unreasonable comparison?  I realize that the 
>Calibur has been out there for a long time and 
>the Aria is still relatively new, but shouldn’t 
>the service still be comparable?    
>I’m not trying to gripe about a particular 
>person, and have no trouble with the engineers 
>who have been here, but I’m confused by the 
>overall difference in response between issues 
>with the Calibur and those with the Aria. 
>Thanks in advance for any comments,
>Robin Stingley, Ph.D.
>Flow Cytometry Core Facility
>Department of Microbiology and Immunology
>University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
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