Tetramer binding and pre-selection of CD8 population

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I am posting this question below for a colleague, I will be happy to forward
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Our lab is interested in analyzing the phenotypes (naïve, memory, effector)
of human CD8-positive T cells that bind to peptides derived from
self-proteins.	In order to focus on this population, we thought that
pre-selection of CD8-positive cells would facilitate our analysis.  My
question is would selection (positive or negative) of CD8 positive
lymphocytes affect either the subsequent binding of tetramer or the
phenotype of the cells that do bind, or potentially bias the results?  We
have seen in the literature that most studies are done on un-manipulated
cell populations.  The rarity of the cells in which we are interested makes
the acquisition and analysis of bulk PBMC suspensions cumbersome and time
consuming.  Thank you.


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